The Choir at Good Shepherd


The choir at Good Shepherd has members from 8 to 70, singing under the very able direction of Mrs. Hazel Bailes Somerville.  Hazel has been involved in directing and teaching choral music for quite some time, having served in parishes from Harvard to Orlando to Nashville.  She is well respected in her field and brings a great deal to our choir.  Mrs. Somerville is pictured at the far left of the picture.


Choir Picture


The Organ at Good Shepherd



 The Organ


    George Stevens, Circa 1874

    Rebuilt 1991, John Hastings Dower

    Enlarged 2002, John Hastings Dower


          The organ was originally built for a Baptist Church in Valley Falls, Rhode Island, by noted 19th Century American organ builder, George Stevens. The organ was moved in 1959 to Our Saviour Lutheran Church, Wapping, Connecticut.  The organ remained there until being acquired for The Church of the Good Shepherd, York.   This is the third pipe organ to serve in this church: the first, a 4 rank Hinners, the façade of which is still in use and whose pipes still play; the second, a 4 rank Wicks installed in the 1970’s.


           The organ has fourteen stops, or ranks (sets) of pipes playable from two keyboards and pedals.  The natural keys on the manual are covered with bone, the sharps are of ebony.  The pedal natural keys are maple, the sharps walnut.  The action, with the exception of the oboe/bassoon stop is all mechanical; the stop action is mechanical as well.  The couplers are controlled by hitch down.


Great    (lower keyboard)

8         Open Diapason (1874, 1909 facade 1-5 open wood)
8         Stopped Diapason  (1874)
4        Octave   (1874)
4        Open Flute (new pipework 1991)
2 2/3   Twelfth  (1874)
2         Fifteenth  (1874)
1 3/5   Seventeenth  (new 1991)
          Cymbelstern (2002)

 Swell    (upper keyboard)

8        Gemshorn (1991)
4        Chimney Flute (1991)
2        Principal (1991)
1 1/3   Quint    (1991)
16       Bassoon    1/2 length    ext. Oboe-(2002)
8        Trumpet   harmonic

          8        Oboe   19th Century-source unknown  



16      Bourdon (from Hook & Hastings, Myers Park

         Presbyterian Church, Charlotte, NC)
16     Bassoon   (Swell)
         swell to great   great to pedal   swell to pedal 

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